You shall be my witnesses.

ACTS 1:8



Our Missionary Work Continues

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Hand holding a candle
Hand holding a candle

World Mission Sunday

Many hands with one
purpose …

The missionary work of the Church continues. Give today in the most generous way you are able.

We celebrate World Mission Sunday each year as a day set aside for Catholics across the United States and around the world to recommit our missionary hearts in support of our evangelizing mission.

World Mission Sunday is one day with a year-long mission. As a key source of financial assistance for priests and religious and lay leaders in the Missions, World Mission Sunday provides the funds that builds churches and supports the proclamation of the Gospel in some 120 countries around the globe. Support the missionary work of the Church today in the most generous way you are able.

Pope lifting arm over crowd

For all missions of the world …

Give today to
World Mission Sunday

“Would that all of us in the Church were what we already are by virtue of baptism: prophets, witnesses, missionaries of the Lord, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to the ends of the earth! Mary, Queen of the Missions, pray for us!”

Pauline Jaricot painting holding a rosary to her heart and touching the world with her other hand
Pauline Jaricot painting holding a rosary to her heart and touching the world with her other hand

The Pontifical Mission Societies are active in 120 countries around the globe, gathering support for the efforts of nearly 1,100 mission dioceses in Asia, Africa, the Pacific Islands, remote regions of Latin America, and parts of Europe.

Our evangelical mission is to spread the gospel and local churches, including building houses of worship, seminaries, convents, schools, communications, and transportation as well as life sustaining infrastructure/programs.

The Pontifical Mission
Societies have supported:

26 Million

Children in
Primary Schools


Seminarians Preparing
for the Priesthood


Homes for Orphaned
Children and the Elderly


Clinics Caring for the Sick
and Dying


Catechists Teaching
the Faith


Religious Sisters Caring
for Children and Families

Priests smiling, celebrating with balloons and group behind them
Women kneeling with hands up at their sides praying in pews
Children praying in mass
Young boy


The Society for the Propagation of the Faith: Builds Church communities in Asia, Africa, the Pacific Islands, and remote communities of Latin America through aid for education, healthcare, and human and social services.

The Society of St. Peter Apostle: Supports the education of men and women candidates for the priesthood and religious life who will serve in the mission territories.

The Missionary Childhood Association: Grows the missionary spirit by connecting children in the United States to children in mission territories through prayer, learning and giving.

The Missionary Union of Priests and Religious: Provides funding for priests, religious men and women, pastoral leaders, and those responsible for spreading the Gospel and educating others in our faith.